April 12th, 2009


Super Easy, Super Delicious Mexican Chicken Recipe

Since I'm making this again today, I thought I'd share! Eventually I'll put it in a nicer format and get it up on my cooking page/website but for now, here you go:


1 whole roaster chicken
2 cans Ro-tel (find this near the tomatoes/sauce in almost any grocery store - if you cant find it you can use a can of diced tomatoes and a can of green chilis)
1 packet taco seasoning
Cumin - Salt - to taste

Take chicken, cut off some of the excess fat. Rinse and pat dry. Place in slow cooker.
Cover chicken with two cans of Ro-tel. Brush tomatoes off chicken so they fall to bottom of cooker.
Sprinkle whole chicken with taco seasoning. Cut breasts/thighs and rub seasoning in. Sprinkle with extra cumin and a little salt if desired.

Cook all day on low (till chicken starts falling off the bone, totally cooked - about 6-8 hours depending on cooker). Skim fat from top layer of juices periodically, discard.

When chicken is cooked, remove and put on cutting board, let cool.
Throw away the skin and bones, put good chicken back into sauce mix in cooker, stir.

Continue cooking for 1/2 hour or so - then leave on 'keep warm' until you're ready to use it.

This mexican chicken is seriously delicious - better than you'll get at most restaurants! It makes a large amount for under $4 (chicken + spices/cans) and can easily feed 4-8 people depending on what you do with it.

Make enchiladas, tacos, etc. :)

My favorite thing to do with it:

'Mexican Pizzas'

8 flour tortillas (try whole wheat or multi-grain, these are great!) - fry each of these individually in vegetable oil until crisp/golden brown. Place on paper towels to drain.

Place tortillas on baking sheets (with lip to catch juices) - cover with refried beans, chicken, cheese, fresh diced tomatoes and any favorite veggies (olives, etc.) This sounds dumb but Land-o-lakes White American cheese is delicious on these. I found out by asking that's what most of the restaurants here use! (And I thought it was some fancy mexican cheese, ffft.)

Bake in oven at 350 until cheese melts. Serve hot! These are absolutely awesome and make good leftovers, too. You can cut them up into 'pie' slices with a pizza roller and use them as appetizers as well. Serve with guacamole or sour cream, salsa if you wish.

Bonus: The tortilla packs usually come in 10s, so fry the extra 2 tortillas. Sprinkle one with cinnamon/sugar and honey. Add ice cream. Top with second tortilla, repeat. This makes a quick, delicious desert that complements the mexican meal perfectly! Ghetto fashion sopapillas. :)

Enjoy! Now, for me, back to painting!!
RIP fox


When exactly did the egg-basket-candy-tradition die off?

Mbala and I usually never eat candy but we decided to go out this morning looking for a single Cadbury egg.
We couldn't find one! Not at Wal-mart nor gas stations nor qwik-trip... they just apparently do not exist in this city.
I remember a time when you would seriously see displays of them *everywhere*. No creme egg for me. :<

And not just Cadbury eggs - but there was NO easter candy! Well, a few sad white rabbits at Wal-mart but the gas stations didn't even have any at all.

Is it the economic crisis or do people just not do that stuff anymore?

We bought strawberries and angel food cake instead - which is much better and healthier, but seriously... what's going on?
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