November 28th, 2009

black reindeer

Art and Life Update pt. 1

The last few months have been packed full of busy for me - I did back-to-back shows in Oklahoma and Missouri - the Golden Retriever Nationals and then the Akita nationals. I came home and barely had time to breathe before MFF in Chicago - I was graciously invited back as a Guest of Honor again this year (since they were doing a special 10 year anniversary show and invited back the guests from previous years). The convention greatly exceeded my expectations - and though I had considered having to drop the show from my schedule, I will definitely be going next year and am pondering (planning) for AC this summer. :) Thank you so much to everyone who made the con such an awesome event! I'll post more about that when I put up some art I did for the event.

Commissioned nouveau-style rat and ferret tattoo designs.

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