June 26th, 2012

barn owl

FREE vote!! Help support our art studio/farm - please read!

Please, please check this out and vote for us if you like our farm/business - it's completely free to do so! Only 4 days left to vote (we got in on it last minute).
You can find us by clicking on this link and searching for Foxloft -

If we get 250 votes we will be in the running for a $250,000 to make our farm project happen! If you like our idea, please vote for us!! f you'd like more information on our farm project we've got some up here: http://foxloft.com/farm

Again - this doesn't cost anything at all or sign you up for any spam or offer. It's a small business boost offered by Chase! It seems like a bit of a pipe dream but it never hurts to try

Thanks so much for looking :)
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