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Three little piggies!

Just up - Foxloft recipes page!

An example of what's there:

Thanks to a link to a picture from primaldog I discovered pig pirozhki! I couldn't wait to try this out but unfortunately the recipe was in Russian. So, after a bit of digging and some creativity on my own part I cam up with a recipe that is fun and delicious. :) Of course, I had to make it into boars.

Three little piggies!

You could really make these into any shapes you wanted to, or if you felt lazy you don't have to shape them at all. They are an awesome way to use leftover meat (I used ham from a spiral ham) but you could use pretty much anything - or just veggies and no meat at all.

I also started adding some other recipes for my most requested items - I'll note here when I update in the future. :) I've got a whole lot of things I'd like to put up but writing the recipes out from scratch is extremely time consuming.

Bon apetit!
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