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Art Update

It was brought to my attention that I haven't posted any art here in a really long time (months!) so here's a quick update:

Maui Marten!

One of four elemental dragon pendants - they are available for sale at the bottom of this page link:

Lots and lots of glass pendants - most were custom commissions, a few are available for sale (click on any of the photos for the link).

Husky mug!

A custom wine label as a gift for the awesome Sofawolf duo, Brer and Alopex.

Custom daschund tagua pendant.

Custom kitsune glyph pendant. So many tails!

Playbow husky drum that found a home at MFF. :)

Plant Spirit painting for Alector.

A quick personal piece of a black reindeer. I painted this after a rather poignant dream about one.

A sketch for my favorite raven, who I miss very much.

A quick sketch of an alien canine character named Cairo.

It's silly, but I couldn't resist.

I think I forgot a few things but oof. That's it for now! I have a whole bunch of other things to post soon, will try to do it a bit more regularly and avoid massive blocks like this.
Thanks for looking!!
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