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Crazy Days!

It's been some time since I posted, so I thought I'd give a short, general update!

Things here have been really busy - I'm not quite sure where the last few months have gotten to.
I've had some big projects that required most of my time but things are evening out now and I'm getting caught up in general.

Last week thornwolf flew out from California to visit, which was awesome! There was much good food involved - including an over-the-top dinner of berry-stuffed french toast smothered in bananas foster. Usually we eat healthy, really. ;)
It was mostly a working vacation and we just kind of hung out around the house working on art stuffs. Thorn helped me paint a 6 1/2 foot tall anthro husky wooden cutout to be my new mascot/t-shirt model. Mbala did an awesome job on the construction so that he folds up and is easily transportable. I'll get pictures up soon! :)
After dropping Thorn off at the airport I did a local siberian husky dog show. It was my first time doing a dog show in many years (I used to show/junior handle shetland sheepdogs a long, long time ago!) - it was awesome! The husky people are so much fun and the dogs are a hoot. One of the huskies howled through the entire obedience event, slowly wandering around and 'woo wooooing' about every command. What a great dog breed. :)

I'm definitely going to check into doing more dog shows (and dog art!) in the future. If you know of any awesome dog shows to check out, let me know! I'll probably stick close to home at first (though I'm sincerely tempted to do the husky nationals this year which are in Chatanooga (and how can you go wrong with a show titled 'Chatanooga woo woo'??)). There are shows in Rapid City, MN here, and Iowa that look like they could be worth attending!

I also got the pleasant surprise of being accepted into CONvergence in July - so I will be trying that out as my first fantasy/sci fi con. :) Looking forward to that one a lot!

Mbala and I are currently fighting off the flu, just the time of the year for that here, I guess. I haven't been sick in forever! All the animals are doing well, everyone is enjoying the longer days and ability to open windows and let in fresh air.

It's also our three year wedding anniversary tomorrow. :) mbala <3!
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