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A cheesy dilemma.

I love to cook.

One result of my loving to cook is wanting to grate my own cheese. I think it tastes fresher and better that way than pre-shredded cheeses. This precludes buying chunks of cheese from the deli to shred myself.

Now, I don't have any prejudice against grocery store workers. I've worked many jobs in my life including cleaning bathrooms and doing laundry in a hotel. But the fact that every time I go to the grocery store I inevitably have the same problem makes me really start to cast doubts on this job in general.

Each time I ask, simply, for a block of cheese. Not slices, a block. Take a cheese wire and cut off a chunk. I even know (pretty accurately) how many inches from a given bulk block it takes to approximate half a pound or a pound. Chunk of cheese. Not a big deal? Right?

Yet, every time, I come home with a bag of mangled cheese pieces and slices. The employees look at me like I am crazy. Who ever would want a block of cheese? Didn't I mean thick slices? The cheese slicing machine cannot make a big chunk. Despite my protests they stick it in there anyways (they are supposed to use it afterall!) and crumble and destroy my cheese.

Today, whilst putting away my groceries, I looked sadly at my bag of garbled cheese, worse than usual. It reminds me of many other experiences I have had with corporate workers who cannot or will not step outside the bounds of the repetition to think about what someone is asking for two seconds and solve the problem. Is what I am asking for really so crazy? Am I the only person in the world who wants bulk cheese in chunks?

I guess this is what I get for shopping at massive grocery stores. But we don't have a local, little cheese market. It makes me wish I lived closer to Nelson, that's for sure.
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