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Catch Up!

So I haven't posted any art here since... January? Oy. Well, for those of you who don't watch my online galleries, here's a bit of an update! I'll try to be better about spacing these things out as I go in the future. :)

A little something different - a more stylized/abstracted pendant I made for Mbala's mother for christmas.

A custom painted drum for Storm Woman. This was a challenging palette to work in but I am happy with how it came together!

This is the sort of thing I do to exercise that I don't usually post. Quick background type paintings and gestural pieces.

A valentine's gift to my husband, mbala, who says I never use enough color. ;)

A fun pair of custom pendants, wolf and dolphin.

A few more custom glass pendants.

Aceo Tuskcat

Aardvark with an oboe for Wolfyu!

A custom four pendant totem necklace - this one was a blast to make. :)
The akita, snow leopard, arctic fox, and hare are now available on my online store, as well.

Thats it for now! I've got some more things to post but I'll do that later to break things up a little.
Thanks for looking!
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