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I've got too many skulls at the moment, so I am pondering selling a few.

These are natural skulls, professionally cleaned, bleached in great condition. If you're interested in any of them, drop me an email ASAP (foxfeather @ without the spaces)! They are full skulls including the bottom jaws. At these prices I'm not planning to take individual photos of them but I may eventually take a group pic.

I will NOT be shipping any of these outside of the U.S. - federal permits are required and unless you'd like to order a large quantity of them, I'd rather not fuss with it.

Coyote: $30
Raccoon: $25
Red Fox: $25
Otter: $35
Mink: $20
Bobcat: $35
Badger: $40
Beaver: $25

Shipping: $6 for one skull, $2 extra per additional skull (includes tracking).

Thank you to everyone who recommended music in the last entry, I'm going to be going through the list and sampling everything. :) I'll let you know what I think once I have!
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