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So, for some time I've been meaning to learn the banjo. I played guitar for years (along with a host of other instruments; the clarinet for over ten years, marimba, oboe, piano, etc.) but it was another ten years almost since music was really in my life.

I started taking lessons, my teacher is a cool guy who had a gig in New Mexico playing for a country band. He has an Earl Scruggs edition Gibson banjo (the stradivarius of bluegrass) which I got to drool over (and play with) and I'm picking it up enough to sound like I'm playing something recognizable, so I'm quite pleased.

Lessons are a lot of fun as an adult! I was more competitive with it when I was a kid - playing often for hours every day and working my way through ranks and traveling competitions - I really burnt out on it. But now, just doing it because I want to, it's really relaxing and full of joy. :)
I just want to be able to entertain people around a campfire. :) Mbala is taking violin lessons so he can fiddle along with me.

I want to be a proper hillbilly rocking in a chair on my porch, playing the banjo, sipping tea (perhaps out of a little brown jug), and watching the caribous roam across my skyline. ;)
I'm getting there. It's just across the horizon.
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