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General Update

After the holiday crazy died down, I started a new gym routine, in preparation for a trip to Peru I'm going to be taking later this spring. Mbala and I, hopefully EK (<3), and possibly some other friends will be going out for a tour of the amazing country from Cuzco to Inca ruins/Machu Picchu to the Amazon rainforest. It's a trip I've always wanted to do and I'm really looking forward to it! However, I needed to be in better shape for it (days of hiking in really high mountains will tax the best of us living at about sea level and used to flatness).

A really nasty burn on my leg stopped me for awhile, but it's healed nicely (other than a quite impressive scar) so we've been going almost every morning during the week. I generally prefer to exercise outdoors or at home, but the lure of fancy strength training equipment and convenience (going in the morning means Mbala doesn't have to walk in the freezing weather and take the bus into town) won me over. The gym is quite posh and has personal T.V.s on almost all the cardio equipment as well as a large, fancy digital technogym setup for strength training. I would really like to get my arms toned to get tattoos - that's a long term goal for me over the next year or so. They have fancy machines called 'alpine climbers' and 'crossramps' which I'm using to build up my stamina for climbing. I also imagine that the upper body strength will come in handy when we eventually have land and I've got 40+ acres of fencing to install. :)

In an effort to make life better in general I've been absolutely scouring the house. I've been getting rid of everything non-essential to the business or general life (with the exception of a small collection of zuni fetishes, some skulls/pelts, and books). I've also been cleaning - the sort of good, obsessive cleaning like a tooth brush to the mineral stains sort of cleaning. Room by room and piece by piece I'm helping to simplify our lives. I don't like clutter, I just tend to be a packrat - so it's things like bird magazines from 1993 and childhood mementos (no, I don't need a pencil shaped like a cactus or a pegasus straw). Also stripped closets of old clothes and took over bags of things to goodwill. It feels good to do and it's giving both Mbala and I more energy.

I've also been clearing out all my old general obligations and streamlining the business. It can be hard, being self-employed, I tend to work all day and then after dinner just work some more... since I've got things to do and I'm here anyways... I want to cut that out and get a better work/life balance. However, unless I have something specific to do it's hard not to justify working ridiculous hours. So I'm trying to find something social to add to my schedule - to force myself to 'relax' and get out of the house more. (Don't get me wrong, I love working from home and by myself, it's just gotten really extreme). I have been enjoying playing the banjo but it will be some time (i.e. at least a year) before I'd be comfortable/good enough to play with any little group.
I'd love to get into obedience/rally and dog events, but it will be some time before I have a dog... I doubt we'll be getting a shepherd puppy this year. It's possible but unlikely, will probably be next year.
I've been considering volunteering for the Mayo Clinic - they need people to run art tours and other things that might be quite enjoyable. It's something I could do once a week or every other week pretty easily. I am tired of being too busy to do anything - there's no reason for it except overextending myself on my own work. I think I'll be more productive and less stircrazy if I allow myself time for something like this. I'd like to meet more local folks as well. :)

I did go in for a really thorough eye exam to see about getting LASIK (well, PRK) done - something I've been considering for years. I found out, however, that if I did the surgery that I would sacrifice my really good near vision for good distance vision. With what I do for a living, that isn't acceptable. I am finally breaking down and going in to get contacts - something I've avoided for years. It might be slightly more convenient for when I travel or am doing things like skiing, hiking, etc. It's disappointing but also a relief, I guess. Good to know, regardless!

I am absolutely enjoying the little bit of time off from shows that I have. I am sad not to be going to F.C. as far as seeing friends goes - but I'm really glad I'm not scrambling to prepare for that convention right now, either. I don't have another show scheduled until April (yeaaah!) so I can hunker down, get caught up on things, and be really prepared for a rigorous spring schedule. I'll be doing a few breed specialty shows across the midwest.

This year so far, and hopefully continuing, is going to be about organization and restructuring. Of my life, my business, my schedule, myself. Change is hard, but it's good.
So, that's where I'm at right now! I think when you feel like you're spinning your wheels, waiting and waiting for things to happen the best thing you can do is what you can where you are. There's always something to be done. :)
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