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Year of the Tiger

I was lucky enough to ring in the New Year (a few days early) with the company of some zodiac representatives.

Minced, mauled, and never happier about it!

Business took us to Rochester, New York so mbala and I decided to make a weekend trip out of it and visit Niagara Falls and then some friends in Toronto before heading back. Sometimes impromptu travels can be the best kind :)

We were hit by insane snowstorms from about Chicago all the way to New York. Even growing up in Minnesota I can't remember so many hours of such harrowing driving - semis tipped over, more cars in the ditches than on the road, and major whiteouts. Regardless, we made it to our destination no worse for our wear - but our car was SO covered in ice there was more than an inch thick chunk completely covering our front license plate, it was pretty incredible.

After seeing the 'real' Rochester, we went over to Niagara Falls. I admit they weren't quite what I expected. For some reason I thought they were going to be monumental, all around you - not in the distance surrounded by casinos and fancy motels. It was still neat to see, and very beautiful with all the frozen water, ice, and lack of tourists.

Aptly named Rainbow Falls.

After a nice hike, we headed up to Toronto to pick up Eric (walkswithtigers) and Bernice (gishkishenh) before heading out to Jungle Cat World – a fantastic little sanctuary with a bed and breakfast on site. We stayed at the zoo overnight and see the animals when they were most active – when the rest of the crowd has gone home. You can find their site here:

The stars of the zoo - the tigers.

I think all cats are beautiful, but is there anything more amazing than the face of a tiger?

Because of the Chinese New Year, the sanctuary had a pair of cubs scheduled for a few local events, so we had the chance to meet them. They found us quite delicious.

I lost a chunk of hair and was covered in tiger drool. Awesome!

Legs are also delicious.

My jacket was equally tasty.

As was Eric's hat.

Tiger ears were also on the menu.

I think this amusing picture sums up the rambunctious cubs quite well - don't shake the tiger!!

There were actually a lot of other animals at the sanctuary as well - lynx, bobcats, cougars, jaguars, snow leopards, wolves, otters, foxes, and much more!

I was amazed to see peacocks outdoors - I didn't realize they could handle such a cold winter outside. Good to know! I see them in our farm future.

Myself, Roman, Eric (with his tiger beer), and Bernice (with Wolfy)
Awesome company, awesome time!

I will continue next post with the rest of the trip, including a visit to Mountberg Raptor Centre and lots of gorgeous birds!
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