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Prince Puppyfeets

Since I didn't formally introduce him here before - meet Marrok (Rocky for short) - the most awesome puppy in the world. :)

Marrok arrived at 8 weeks old, flying in with two of his brothers - all three going to people in Minnesota, amazingly enough!

Sleepy puppy!

Lookit the giant feets!


8 weeks old



Does Kimahri like the puppy?

Noooo, Kimahri doesn't want the puppy to have anything. Or play with anything. Or be anywhere. Really, they get along pretty well, especially now that Rocky is heavier than Kimahri and growing like a weed.




One of his favorite games is 'peekaboo' - where he is on his back and I hide his face with his front feet and flail at him.

Oh no, you saw me!

Do it again!

I am so regal and noble and awesome. I chew only on my designated puppy toys, learned potty training insanely quickly, and at 12 weeks can sit, down, paw, speak, jump, stay, come, and I lay down outside of the kitchen when mom is busy in it. I run into my crate when I'm told and I just learned to jump on the couch, which is super comfortable.

Rocky is my golden child - he's the best puppy I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He's an eager learner and we've got him signed up for puppy preschool classes starting soon. He's funny, quirky, smart, and affectionate. He's already over 30lbs at 12 weeks, he's going to be a biiiig boy. He'll look really menacing as an adult, but he's a big marshmallow. Well, currently a crocodile-puppy-teeth type of marshmallow.
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