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National Aviary

Anthrocon brought Mbala and I to Pittsburgh, and though we didn’t have much time to explore the city we did get the chance to visit the National Aviary – a place I’ve always wanted to visit! With multiple free-flight aviaries, interactive exhibits, and many beautiful birds it was a wonderful side trip.

Probably my favorite bird there - William the victorian crowned pigeon.

A Steller’s sea eagle keeping his plumage in stellar shape.

Two rainbow lorikeets allopreening.

The noble pelican.

missmonstermel decided she really liked this guy.

He was dreamy!

He made amazing noises at Mel.

Eric tried his luck, but the cormorant was a one woman man.
Thumbs up for the national aviary!

Awesome crowned pigeon again.

Eagles are always serious business.

I absolutely love sea eagles!

Penguins? Eww!

Really cool interactive penguin exhibit!

Bernice in the free flight aviary.

Amber feeding a golden-breasted starling.

The starlings were really quite brazen!

Scarlet Ibis.

If you’re ever in the Pittsburgh area, I highly recommend checking the aviary out!
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