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Spiced chai steeping and homemade split pea soup stewing, the windows open and a crisp fall breeze on the air. I love this time of year so, so much! Being very much not a heat person, the summer is like penance for the wonderful six or seven months of cold weather our northern fall portends.
The house is really coming together (being stripped down to just things that we need or fall into the categories of books or art) and that feels good. The summer has flown by - it's been such a blur it's hard to remember exactly what has gone on. Lots of aikido (4 1/2 hours of grueling practice this last weekend at a seminar, was awesome) - went to see Wicked (the musical) with friends - was fantastic. Randomly had to drive straight down and back to Florida - picked up some amazing Georgia peaches and got the chance to reconnect with Ky in Alabama. :)

Spent some time on a nearby beyond-organic poultry farm to learn the ropes. Feeling more confident that I'll be able to raise my own chickens, turkeys, and geese for food. Am also signed up for an intensive raptor care seminar at the University of Minnesota with lyosha who will be visiting for a week, very excited about that! When we have land I would like to house a few unreleasable owls and perhaps be a waystation for birds making the transition back to the wild - this will be a great step towards that.
I have basset hound and siberian husky nationals coming up, getting ready for those while preparing for company coming and going over the next few months. :)

Rocky is nearing six months old and about 70lbs, he's a wonderful puppy. I can't wait until we can get back into formal obedience classes - but that will have to wait until the crazy booking of the next two months.

Kimahri has no loyalty to us. He would be happy to go home with anyone at the dog park.

Cute Kimahri at the dog park.

Why, hai there!

4 months old

Handsome boy!

Dog meets dog

More 4 month photos

Chillin' out at the dog park.

Rocky's first time over the cement river blocks.

'Walking' Kimahri

Run, Rocky, Run!

These photos are from Carly State Park in MN - it's a nice place for a hike, especially this time of the year. Rocky's 5 months old here.

The end!
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