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Czech Republic Trip - 2010

Catching up again on some photos from our recent travels.

Mbala's parents are so adorable. This is a snapshot strolling down a road in his hometown, Ceske Budejovice.

Stellar's Sea eagles at the Prague zoo.

Ceske Budejovice at night.

The same city during the day.

Mbala's parents own an old water mill and are working on fixing it up to be a working glass studio, blacksmithy, and art gallery. It's full of gorgeous old stonework!

Startings of the blacksmith area!

The mill is 'Sovy mlyn' which means Owl's Mill. Even cooler. :)

Glass color samples in the mold melted glass studio.

A delightful experience at a local tea shop in the city. Mbala loves Pu erh tea and they had some amazingly old varieties we got to try. I am appreciating it more, now, but I still think it tastes like dirt. Mbala calls it 'earthy'.

Lammergeier at the Prague zoo. It was amazing to see these birds in person here - they are the coolest vultures and one of my favorite raptors.

Random and rare photo of me... smiling. ;)

This was my third trip back to the Czech Republic and was a very laid back one - we mostly spent time visiting with family and relaxing, checking out the local sites in Mbala's hometown. We look forward to our next trip back!
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