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Beauceron, Beauceron

He wouldn't let me take the picture without him. (Rocky posing with a commissioned whippet drum) - he's such a ham when he sees the camera!

Marrok, Rocky, Rock Star turns 1 year old on April 8th (coincidentally also Mbala and my 5 year wedding anniversary!) - it's hard to believe it's been that long! Beaucerons are a slow maturing breed so he's not an 'adult' yet - he's still lanky and gangly and ridiculous, but in much better control of the fact his hind legs are part of his body than ever before.

Catching up on a photo backlog, here's the bum at 6 months old.

He had so much fun once he decided the water wasn't too scary.

Here he is playing security at a dog show I attended last fall.

At that same show, which happened to be a Siberian husky show, one of the show chairs happened to have two beaucerons, one of which he brought with so we could meet him! This is Cyrano, a young adult male.

Another shot of Cyrano. (What a great name for a dog!)

Ok - more Rocky. That is also no way to sit, silly dog.

That... also... cannot be comfortable.

Here he is, 10 months old - enjoying a romp through the snow on our new property.

Even when he's trying to be so good, sometimes the evil just leaks out. (This isn't photoshopped, it's what my phone camera always does to him. Laser devil eyes!)

For an early birthday party this weekend, I gave Rocky a monster bone, which he proceeded to demolish in a ridiculously short period of time. His jaws are made of hyena.


Best birthday party ever!

Noble derpball.

In other news, I've been on quite a cooking spree, experimenting with a ton of different meals I hadn't tried before with wonderful results. I made pierogis from scratch tonight (stuffed with bacon/potato/veggie/cheese mix) that were heavenly and have made all sorts of interesting roasts, soups, and random Czech fusion dishes. I will make some sort of food photo/recipe post soon!
Also, we finally close on the land (after four months of major fussing) this Thursday, so I am holding my breath in excitement. :) I'll finally post some photos of that, since it is now really coming through.
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