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The Land - Pt. 3 (Chainsaws and Trout)

So... about those trout!

Our friend Yarrick is an avid fisherman, and he came out to test the stream - and found that it is indeed full of trout. :)

Vantid went on a walk looking for wild leeks and wildflowers this spring, when things just started to green up.

Dutchmen's Breeches!

There are copious amounts of moss :)

There's a really neat dry run creek on one end of the property that is filled with wild leeks and gorgeous flowers.

There are a lot of mossy relics of large, beautiful trees in the woods.

Rocky, of course, loves all this exploring.

There are still some relics around from the old cars, continual cleanup we're working on.

Lots of broken down old sheds around.

The old homesite we've also been trying to clean up.

Rocky is always helpful.

A view of the stream in the spring.

We were really lucky to have our friend, EK, who is a forest ranger and sawyer instructor, come spend some time out at the property helping us to clear around the barn and familiarize ourselves with the chainsaw.

Ek is boss. :)

There were a bunch of trees leaning dangerously on the barn, overgrowth from 30 years of neglect. They have all been cut now but there is still a lot of cleanup to do!

Tree carnage. I would have felt really, really bad about cutting them though it was necessary to clear the barn, but luckily they were all box elders, which are a weed tree out here we have to clear anyways.

There's actually a barn under all that!

(Thank you very much to EK for taking these handful of pics!)

The inside of the barn, both levels, was filled with tons of old junk. We've been clearing it out and starting repairs to rehab it back into use.

Chainsawing is hard work. We did not drink while we were cutting, but afterwards there was much beer.

Our firepit! First time cooking there with the dutch oven - we roasted the trout, some chicken, and baked beans.
Food cooked on the fire somehow always tastes better. Maybe it has to do with the fact when you're cooking over the fire you're usually exhausted, but I think there's more magic to it than that.
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