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Yin and Yang

I guess it's been forever since I posted any art here, so I will post a bunch of more recent works! I will post others soon. I'm backlogged again on travel photos - I have all the pictures from our Alaska trip and some other recent adventures, just have to get them organized and posted - eventually!

Wolves (these and the other yin-yang designs have been printed on t-shirts, you can find them if you click on the image!)


Basset Hounds

French Bulldogs

Australian Shepherds

Pembroke Corgis

Chinese Cresteds

Chinese Shar-Pei

Great Danes

Bouvier des Flandres

Labrador Retrievers

Shetland Sheepdogs

The next batch I am working on include: Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Chihuahuas, and Boxers.
21 designs done, about 150 left to go :)

In other news, the farm has been keeping us really busy - the garden was doing fantastic and providing us with tons of amazing produce. I've been experimenting on fresh from-scratch tomato basil soup and I've finally gotten a recipe down to where I'm really quite happy with it! We had our first experiments in canning - making pickles. They turned out too sour, I'm not really sure how that happened but will have to try different recipes next time. I didn't realize making pickles was such an event of black magic - no wonder families guard their recipes like gold!

I've been picking up shows again, just finished a local all breed dog show, and plan MFF for the fall and then a large avian trainer's conference in the winter. I'm really looking forward to that one - bird people are made full of awesome, and these are about the birdiest of the bird people that exist.

Have some friends who will be visiting next month, very excited about that! I wish our garden was still going but a random heavy freeze (mid September??) killed most of the plants which were really just starting to produce for the fall - our pumpkins, melons, squash, basil (which grew like crazy but is apparently super not frost hardy), and a lot of other things are just goners. Bummer! Will hopefully be planting earlier next year as well as putting in the orchard. Going to prepare beds this weekend for a bunch of types of heritage garlic - very excited about those! I can't wait till we can move out there and work the land every day.
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