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Wishing you all the best for 2012!

A collaborative work between Mbala and myself - a hand printed wood block piece of a musk ox showing some holiday festivity.

Some day we will have a real musk ox to dress up like a christmas tree. :) Just need 80 acres of fencing installed first! 2012... the year of digging a thousand fence post holes!

2011 will be a year I will never forget, for many reasons. It will always be the year when we got the land - which still doesn't quite feel real. I love it so much, I love working out there, and I can't wait until we can move there permanently. A lot has happened, a lot of changes have come into my life, and I am a much happier person for it.

Going 'primal' has really changed my life - simplify, simplify, simplify. Less is more and opens up such a world of opportunities.

I feel like a chapter in my life is silently closing, and I finally caught up to that horizon I've been chasing all my life - and on the other side is something really amazing.

My well wishes go out to everyone, I hope 2012 brings with it many incredible things!
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