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Oy! I realized that I haven't updated here in forever, despite the fact I check LJ most days.
I think the social media explosion has taken most of my journaling time/interest away - I use LJ as a more serious blog - someplace to post larger updates and photo posts, which I don't get a lot of time to do. I know I'm (as usual) a bit backlogged on that. The social media in general (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) took me awhile to warm up to but it's turned into this strange conglomeration taking place of old-school sort of chat rooms, which I miss. It's a sort of 'be-social-online-when-you-have-a-moment' which is nice, since I'm usually scrambling around doing a whole bunch of things and don't have time to sit in one place for too long, unless there's a paintbrush in my hand.
Things on my end of the world are busy and great! A ridiculously early spring (and actually no real winter) has had Mbala and I out working on the land much earlier than expected.
Some of the things that have been keeping my time:
-Did a fantastic bird show, the IAATE (avian trainers) conference which was a blast. Bird people are my people! The first club I ever belonged to was the Minnesota companion bird association, I was a member for many years and all while I was growing up. I loved meeting everyone at the show and also had a visit from a good friend and her beau, as well as another friend from out of the country that I don't usually get to see.

-Been out hunting with birds, falconry is awesome! It will still be a few years till I can get a bird of my own but I'm learning so much.

-Aikido, 3x a week - love it! Weapons practice is especially fun, I find the movement with the sword really beautiful and captivating.

-Started sprouting a whole bunch of seeds, mostly a variety of heritage tomatoes. I've never taken tomatoes from seed to end, though I have worked with seedlings a lot when I used to work at a nursery. Set up a temporary grow room and have been thrilling over the incredible daily growth and change of the plants, ferrying them in and out each day when the weather is nice enough. Also have sweet peppers, gourds, pumpkins, celery root, brussel sprouts, cabbages, romanesco broccoli... and so much more! Looking forward to the garden and fresh veggies galore.

-Lost 70lbs and counting. I'm actually into the realm of 'normal' (i.e. healthy bmi) for the first time since I was a child, and am still dropping. It feels like I won the lottery - finally finding something that works. I've had to get rid of my entire wardrobe. Mbala has lost over 50lbs and we just got rid of his as well.

-Lots of exciting art projects going on - if you follow my online galleries you'll see these as they are coming out. Art is my 'day job' so I've been steadily producing and falling into a reasonable rhythm, love it.

-Getting ready for bees! Both Mbala and I are super excited.

-Took and passed the MN hunter education program so that we can practice shooting (both with a shotgun and a bow) and get our hunting licenses (hopefully, if we're ready!) for next winter. Deer from our land fed us most of the winter and definitely want to do that again.

-Taking pottery wheel classes at a local gallery with Mbala as an anniversary gift to each other. I haven't thrown a pot since college so I'm excited to get back into it! We've got the space at the land to eventually set up a kiln, which will be awesome.

-Mbala is getting a bunch of edible fungus plugs (shiitake, oyster, etc.) for the land to innoculate some of our downed trees with. I'm not a big mushroom fan but have been learning to appreciate them more (and make a really tasty soup from them), so that is neat! I'll also be working on inoculating a lot of the trees we'll be planting and re-establishing the mycorrhizal fungi network on the land which has been badly damaged by all the farming/chemicals on it. One more step towards our crazy hippie everything.

I know I'm forgetting a whole bunch of things - every weekend is pretty much a different adventure, work is crazy and many 12+ hour days, reading a lot, enjoying learning and all the potentials for the future at the farm - spending a stupid amount of time cooking while dancing with my birds and dogs. That's the sort of thing you end up doing when you work from home. ;)
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