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Living with parrots is amusing. Sometimes its like having a house full of roomates, sometimes one full of three-year-olds, sometimes it's just like living in a zoo.
Working from home, with my office in the same room as the birds (and also a large open space which encompasses our kitchen and living room), they are constantly watching and scrutinizing what I do. One of the more amusing things is the relationship that has developed between all the birds, myself, and food.
The birds are hyperaware of the food in the house and what different items look like, what sort of packages they come in (if any), and where they are. What this means is that if I eat something, everyone demands a bit of it and by the time I'm done dispersing tidbits to my macaw, african grey, crows, and cockatoo - I sometimes don't have anything left for myself. On occasion I eat things they can't have, which means much anger ensues at me. Subconsciously, this has actually tailored my diet towards things I can share - I feel bad with all those hungry, angry eyes staring balefully at me while I indulge. It's become sadly common for me to hide in the closet when I eat something I don't feel like sharing but could - the birds are giving me an eating disorder of food hiding. ;)
So to my story of the day - the pickle wars. I bought a jar of pickles and was eating one - most of the birds know pickles and don't like them, so this is an ignore-food. However, my cockatoo, Jo, was demanding a piece. I gave her a tiny chunk, figuring that she'd taste it was sour, drop it, and I'd be free to eat pickles in peace. No suck luck. Jo decided she LOVES pickles. More than anything. As soon as she sees the jar leave the fridge she's knocking on her cage and demanding pickles immediately. They are not good for her, I'm sure - being nothing but salt and vinegar, I don't want her to have them. I have tried to sneak the pickles out of the fridge but she watches, plastered against the side of her cage with her squinty eye bearing down on me. So I've gotten to the point where I have to hide the pickle jar behind some other food item when I take it out and remove the pickle quietly and sneakily and take it into my bedroom. Today she caught me at it and had an angry screaming tantrum fit about it. Sheesh, Jo!
It's funny my shopping considerations now take into account how much hassle it will be to actually EAT the food item itself.
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