Foxfeather (foxfeather) wrote,

PF 2013!

I kept meaning to write up a bit 2012 wrap-up post, but I didn't get around to it, and the times I did sit down to think about it, like now, the details of the year flit in and out of my head like wisps of smoke - usually replaced by small dancing owls in hats.
2012 was a year of change, as I had hoped/planned/dreaded/wished it would be. The journey we've been continuing on progressed, rolling along and taking me with it.

A few highlights of the year:
-I turned 30. Not sure how and when this happened, I don't feel '30'. I wonder if I ever will! It feels like I blinked and 10 years went by.
-I visited Paris. This was a lifelong dream of mine and was an amazing journey, even if some of the best part of Paris was getting out of it to see birds nearby. ;)
-Mbala and I became beekeepers. I had no idea how much I would love this and how many opportunities and how much awesome these little insects would bring into my life. I'm happy every time I see them and I love working with them!
-We also started doing Karate and Kabudo, along with Aikido - putting our martial arts practice up to 5 days a week, about 10 hours. We're making very slow but steady progress and it's a lot of fun. :)
-Had some really great company, fun travels, and reminders of just how absolutely awesome my friends are!
-Had the chance to meet one of the world's top tibetan mastiff people and her pack - AMAZING woman and dogs. We hope to get a puppy from her in a few years (and deal with bringing a dog in from Europe, which should be an interesting process!)
-Continued the path of ruthless organization and shedding - selling quite a lot of the things I had planned to and working on getting even more out. Every single thing in our house that is not either art, a book, or a very small number of other things is OUT or its days are numbered. This massive decluttering has freed up a lot of mental and physical space in my life.
-Brought my total weight loss down over 80 pounds. I love the primal lifestyle and still feel like I won the lottery.
-Been working a lot on remodeling/fixing up the house with the idea we'll hopefully be able to build out at the farm and move within about two years. The new wood laminate floor is making such a huge difference in how nice it is to live here in the meanwhile. :)

There have been some difficulties, centering around being rear-ended and some medical issues, but I won't harp on any of that. Overall it was a really good year for me.

I know there are so many things I should write about, but I'll leave it at that. I look forward to 2013! I hope the new year brings good things to everyone!
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