Foxfeather (foxfeather) wrote,

Update and a half.

Hi livejournal!
I realize I read LJ pretty much daily but I never post anymore, except for occasional travel picture posts. I've seen some memes going around and was going to do one of those but realized most of my answers would be vague, nonsensical or cryptic at best to most people (not because of trying but my life is so bizarre at times it's just an inevitability), so the exercise seems a silly one.
I will probably just use this journal to continue posting photos - farm updates, silly animal pics, and travel adventures. Other than that I am here, reading and lurking, but I don't have a whole lot to say! Day-to-day mundanity has transferred over to Facebook/Twitter and my time of long reflections and updates are receding into the past.
Life is a bunch of timey-wimey wibbly wobbly amazing crazy stuff. I continue to boggle at how things evolve and change and where I am now compared to where I was fifteen years ago, when I started spending a lot of time online and using things like LJ and online message boards and meeting a lot of the people I've become so lucky to meet and know through all of it. I love all of you, you are awesome! :)

And belugas. Belugas are awesome.
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