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2013 is coming to a close, it's been an amazing year for me. I realize that a lot of my life is also the story of other people, and those are not my stories to tell - so I don't have a lot to say except I'm amazed at where my life is at, the people in it, and where it's going. :)

I hit some artistic milestones this year - I have gotten to 50 dog breeds in my yin-yang series, which was a big goal! I have gotten a really exciting contract I'm working on for a big theatre company - I will have more information about that in the coming months as I work on those projects.

Instead of a disjointed wrap-up I will offer some photos from one of my most amazing experiences of this year (and I've had many) - meeting belugas during an animal training seminar. :)

Belugas are so awesome I can't handle it. This young male was so much fun to work with. Getting spit on with a giant mouthful of frozen water has never been so much fun!

Ty the sea lion. Fishy kisses!

I was thrilled to get the chance to attend Ken Ramirez’s week long animal training seminar at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, it was a class I’ve been wanting to attend for years. Ken is an amazing trainer and teacher, his class was engaging, informative, and inspiring. I’ve been lucky in my life to be involved in many facets of animal training, from police K-9 work, search and rescue, wildlife rehabilitation, companion parrot care and rescue, and working with my own animals. I am committed to giving them the best possible care and enrichment and, for me, this class was a part of that continuing education and effort. I also had the incredible opportunity to get in the water with beluga whales which was a really life-changing experience for me. Belugas are awesome!
I was also really happy to be able to share this experience with one of my best friends - and despite Chicago trying its best to drive us insane, we had a great time. :)

Ken Ramirez in a beluga training session.

Penguin from the outreach/education program.

Agh belugas!

I love them so much I can't handle it.

Belugas love Ken so much!

Dolphin target training

Beluga play session

Beluga Play session 2

Ok, there are a whole bunch of other videos - so I'll just share a link to my channel if you want to go watch them :)

I wish everyone a wonderful New Year's and a fantastic 2014! All my best wishes for a prosperous and wonderful year!

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